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Gilles Caboche  UB
WP2 Leader
Member of the Executive Board
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Gilles Caboche is a Professor at Université de Bourgogne - Dijon and the Director of the Material Science Department of the Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs Matériaux-InfoTronique, ESIREM. He teaches Ceramics, Inorganic Chemistry, Electron Microscopy, Microprobe Analysis, X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometry, Auger Spectrometry and X-Ray Diffraction methods. He develops his research at Institut Carnot de Bourgogne in the Department of Interface and Reactivity in Materials, he coordinates the fuel cell activities in the M4OxE group. He works in the field of fuel cell since 1994 in collaboration with François Morin and Réal Roberge from Institut de REcherches d’hydro- Québec (IREQ). He is leader project of a French Project qualified by the French Agency of Energy (ADEME), PREPAC involving EIfER, Liebherr Aerospace, IRCELYON and CIRIMAT. He supervised 8 PhD students since 1994, 6 of them in the field of Fuel Cell.
He is co-author of more than 35 papers published in international journals, about 35 presentations to International Conferences, he operates as referee for a few Journals in the field of materials science.
His main skills are Reactivity at Interfaces, ageing and diffusion phenomena in Fuel Cell Materials. He developed his research in SOFC material as well as PCFC material and for interconnect compatibility with electrode materials.

Selected Publications

P. PICCARDO, P. GANNON, S. CHEVALIER,  M. VIVIANI, A. BARBUCCI, G. CABOCHE, R. AMENDOLA, S. FONTANA, “ASR evaluation of different kinds of coatings on Ferritic Stainless steel as  SOFC interconnects,” Surface and Coatings Technology, 202, Issues 4-7 (2007), 1221-1225.
G. CABOURO, G. CABOCHE, S. CHEVALIER, P. PICCARDO, “Opportunity of metallic interconnectors for ITSOFC: reactivity and electrical property,” Journal of Power Sources, 156, (2006) 39-44.
M. PETITJEAN, R. ROBERGE, S. SAVOIE, M. GAGNÉ, G. CABOCHE and L-C. DUFOUR, “Preparation by RF magnetron co-sputtering and characterization of thin films of lanthanum-strontium ferromanganites,” Thin solid films, 485 (2005) 66-71.
J.-M. BASSAT, M. PETITJEAN, J. FOULETIER, C. LALANNE, G. CABOCHE, F. MAUVY, J.-C.GRENIER, “Oxygen isotopic exchange: A useful tool for characterizing oxygen conducting oxides,” Applied Catalysis A-General, 289 (2005) 84-89.
L. COMBEMALE, G. CABOCHE, D. CHAUMONT, D.STUERGA, “Microwave synthesis and characterizations of nanostructured materials for SOFC,” Material Research Bulletin, 40 (2005) 529–536.
M. PETITJEAN, G. CABOCHE and L.C. DUFOUR , “Crystallographic changes and thermal properties of lanthanum-strontium ferromanganites between RT and 700°C,” Solid State Ionics, 176 (2005) 9-16.

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