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Syed Asif Ansar  DLR
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Dr. Syed Asif Ansar is working as a research scientist at the German Aeropace Center (DLR) since 2004. He is leading the R&D in the area of the plasma spray technology and functional layers for solid oxide fuel cells. He is currently co-supervising two PhD candidates and is leading German national projects from DLR on metal supported solid oxide fuel cells. Prior to joining DLR, Dr. Ansar was associated with the CNRS laboratories of Ceramics Processing and Surface Treatments in France as CNRS research fellow for one year. He obtained his doctoral degree from the University of Limoges, France. Dr. Ansar is author of more than 30 publications and has 4 patents in the area of processing methods for coatings and SOFCs.

Selected Publications

C. CHRISTENN, A. ANSAR, “Sprayed and Constrained Sintered Zirconia Based Electrolytes”, J. Power Sources, 2008, in press
G. SCHILLER, S.A. ANSAR, M. LANG, O. PATZ, “High Temperature Electrolysis Using Metal Supported Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cells (SOEC)”, J. App. Electrochem., 2008, in press
S.A. ANSAR, Z. ILHAN, W. RICHTER, “Synthesis and Properties of Nanostructured SOFC Anode Deposits”, J. High Temp. Mater. Proc., Vol. 11 (1), 2007, 83 – 94.
A.A. SYED, Z. ILHAN, H. WECKMANN J. ARNOLD, G. SCHILLER, “Improving Plasma Sprayed YSZ Coatings for SOFC Electrolytes”, J. Therm. Spray Technol., Vol. 15 (4), 2006, 617-622.
A.A. SYED, A. DENOIRJEAN, P. FAUCHAIS, J.C. LABBE, “On the Oxidation of Stainless Steel Particles in the Plasma Jet”, Surf. Coat. Technol., Vol. 200 (14-15), 2006, 4368-4382.

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