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Antonio Barbucci  CNR
Testing Manager
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Antonio Barbucci has a permanent researcher position at the University of Genova, Department of Chemical Engineering. He obtained his PhD at the University of Genova in 1995. The scientific activity of Antonio Barbucci has developed in the field of Electrochemistry and Materials Science. During last 15 years his attention was devoted to electrochemistry applied to various classes of materials, from metals, intermetallics and ceramics, becoming acquainted with most of the electrochemical techniques which enables to investigate electrochemical systems and processes in situ.
He has been involved in several research projects at the Department of Chemical Engineering and since 2006 also in projects of the Institute for Energetics and Interphases of the National Research Council, where he is in charge as associated researcher, dealing mainly with the forming and sintering, electrical characterisation of ceramics for high temperature fuel cells. Among the international co-operations, the most important are those with the University of Barcelona (Spain), Ecole des Mines de Paris (France), the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Bulgaria).
Antonio Barbucci is co-author of about 60 papers on international journals, about 80 presentations to International Conferences and operates as referee for a few Journals in the fields of electrochemistry.

Selected Publications

D. VLADIKOVA, Z. STOYNOV, A. BARBUCCI, M. VIVIANI, P. CARPANESE , J. KILNER, S. SKINNER, R. RUDKIN, “Impedance studies of cathode/electrolyte behaviour in SOFC”, Electrochimica Acta, 53 (2008) 7491-7499.
A. BARBUCCI, M. P. CARPANESE, A. P. REVERBERI, G. CERISOLA, M. BLANES, P. L. CABOT, M. VIVIANI, A. BERTEI AND C. NICOLELLA, “Influence of the electrode thickness on the performance of composite electrodes for SOFC”, Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 38 (2008) 939-945.
CARPANESE M.P., CERISOLA G., VIVIANI M., PICCARDO P., VLADIKOVA D., STOYNOV Z., BARBUCCI A., “Study of the rate limiting step of the cathodic process in anode supported solid oxide fuel cells”, Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology, 5 (2008) 011010-1 011010-7.
NICOLELLA C., REVERBERI A.P., CARPANESE M.P., CERISOLA G., VIVIANI M., BARBUCCI A., “Influence of the temperature on oxygen reduction in SOFC composite electrodes: theoretical and experimental analysis”, Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology, 5 (2008) 011011-1 011011-5.
BARBUCCI A., VIVIANI M., CARPANESE P., VLADIKOVA D., STOYNOV Z., “Impedance analysis of oxygen reduction in SOFC composite electrodes”, Electrochimica Acta 51 (2006) 1641-1650P.
PICCARDO, P. GANNON, S. CHEVALIER, M. VIVIANI, A. BARBUCCI, G. CABOCHE, R. AMENDOLA, S. FONTANA, “ASR evaluation of different kinds of coatings on a ferritic stainless steel as SOFC interconnects”, Surface & Coatings Technology, 202, (2007) 1221-1225.
BARBUCCI A., CARPANESE P., CERISOLA G., VIVIANI M., “Electrochemical investigation of mixed ionic/electronic cathodes for SOFCs”, Solid State Ionics, 176 (2005) 1753-1758.
BARBUCCI A., VIVIANI M., PANIZZA M., DELUCCHI M., CERISOLA G., “Analysis of the oxygen reduction process on SOFC composite electrodes”, Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 35 (2005) 399-403.
PICCARDO P., CHEVALIER S., MOLINS R., VIVIANI M., CABOCHE G., BARBUCCI A., SENNOUR M., AMENDOLA R., “Metallic interconnects for SOFC: characterisation of corrosion resistance in atmosphere at operating temperature of differently coated metallic alloys”, Surface & Coatings Technology, 201 (2006) 4471-4475.
A.P. REVERBERI, A.G. BRUZZONE, L. MAGA, A. BARBUCCI, “Monte Carlo simulation of a ballistic selective etching process in (2+1) dimensions”, Physica A: 354 (2005) 323.

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