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Alain Thorel   ARMINES
Chair of the Executive Board
WP1 Leader
WP3 Leader
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Alain Thorel is Research Professor at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris (ENSMP) (since 1996). He is leading the research group “Microstructure - Interface - Ceramic” at the Materials Centre (MAT) of ENSMP (since 1991). Since 2001, he is also at the Head of the Transmission Microscopy Group, and of the TEM ENSMP/Genopole/INSERM joint facility in Evry (“Pôle d’Imagerie”). He is Project Leader at ARIEL for Material Science for USA, Canada, Korea, Israel, and Expert for INTAS, for the French DGA. He teaches Metallurgy, Electron Microscopy, Ceramics at ENSMP, PariTech, and occasionnally abroad, i.e. Rio de Janeiro University (PUC).
He obtained a PhD at ENSMP, in Materials Science, Paris (1988), with honor, after a stay in Berkeley awarded with a Fullbright grant. He became engineer in 1984 (Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers, Paris), with honor, ranking 1st, and received a DEA degree, with honor in 1984. He received the 1988 Jean RIST medal of the French Society for Metallurgy. Author of more than 50 publications, he edited 3 books, gave 65 communications and 15 invited key-note lectures in international conferences. He supervised 12 PhD students at ENSMP since 1991. Since 1990, he is a Guest Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.
His main fields of research are as follows: Ceramics Processing, characterization and properties, Transmission Electron Microscopy, Grain Boundary Structure and Properties, Functional Ceramics (Piezo, Ferroelectric, Superconductors), Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells, Nanomaterials.

Selected Publications

A.P.ALMEIDA DE OLIVEIRA, J.HAFSAOUI, J.F.HOCHEPIED1, M.H.BERGER, A.THOREL,“Synthesis of undoped and 10%mol Y-BaCeO3-δ from mixed oxalate precursors”, J.Eur.Ceram.Soc., Volume 27, Issues 13-15 (2007) 3597-3600.
A.GROSJEAN, O.SANSÉAU, V.RADMILOVIC, A.THOREL, “Reactivity and diffusion between La0.8Sr0.2MnO3 and ZrO2 at interfaces in SOFC cores by TEM analyses on FIB samples: consequences on the electrical properties”, Solid State Ionics 177 (2006) 1977-1980.
A. DAVYDOV, V. AGAFONOV, J.-P. BOUDOU, A. THOREL V., A.V. RAKHMANINA, “Nanosized carbon forms in the processes of pressure-temperature-induced transformations of hydrocarbons” Carbon 44 (2006), 2015-2020.
J.Y.CHANE-CHING, M.AIRIAU, A.SAHIBED-DINE, M.DATURI, E.BRENDLE, H.BALARD, F.OZIL, A.THOREL, A.CORMA, “Surface characterisation and properties of ordered arrays of CeO2 nanoparticles embedded in thin layers of SiO2 surfaces”, Langmuir, 21 (4), 1568-1574 (2005).
T.AIT AHCENE, C.MONTY, J.KOUAM, A.THOREL, G.PETOT-ERVAS, A.DJEMEL, “Preparation by Solar Physical Vapor Deposition (SPVD) and nanostructural study of pure and bi doped ZnO nanopowders”, J.Eur.Ceram.Soc., Volume 27, Issue 12, 2007, 3413-3424.
A.THOREL, L.NORMAND, B.DELCROIX, C.ECHER, P.CHEMINANT-COATANLEM, Y.MONTARDI, “The local dielectric function in ceramics: influence of chemistry and anisotropy in the grain boundary vicinity”, chapter of: Ceramic Interfaces 2 : Properties and Applications, Pub. Inst of Materials Comm., Ed. HAN-ILL YOO and S.-J.L.KANG, ISBN : 1 86 125 0649 (H) (2001).

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