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Nikolaos Bonanos
Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy
Advisory Board Member
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Nikolaos Bonanos is a Materials Scientist with experience in the electrical and electro­chemical characterisation of materials. He has worked in university (Imperial College 1979-1984) and in industry (British Petroleum 1984-1992). Since 1993, has been at Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, now part of the Technical University of Denmark. He has participated in EU research programmes, including Joule II: New SOFC Materials and Techno­logy, Joule-Thermie: Improving the Durability of an SOFC Stack, INTAS: Hydrogen in Oxide Systems, MF‑SOFC: Scale up of a Multi-Functional Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (as project leader for Risø), and in a Programme called Advanced Ceramics for Protonics, sponsored by NEDO, Japan. Nikolaos Bonanos has co‑authored circa 50 scientific papers in international refereed journals.
His main research interests include materials development and electrode development for applications in solid oxide fuel cells, materials properties at high temperatures, transport number measurements, electrocatalysis, oxide-based proton conductors and their application to high temperature electrochemistry, modelling of electrical properties and structure-property correlations in polyphase systems, and technique development for materials characterisation, especially impedance spectroscopy.

Recent Publications

C. HATCHWELL, N. BONANOS and M. MOGENSEN, The role of dopant concentration, A-site deficiency and processing on the electrical properties of strontium- and titanium-doped lanthanum scandate. Solid State Ionics 167 (2004) 349-354.
M. MOGENSEN, D. LYBYE, N. BONANOS, P.V. HENDRIKSEN and F.W. POULSEN, Factors controlling the oxide ion conductivity of fluorite and perovskite structured oxides, Solid State Ionics 174 (2004) 279-286.
K.S. KNIGHT, W.G. MARSHALL, N. BONANOS and D.J. FRANCIS, Pressure dependence of the crystal structure of SrCeO3 perovskite, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 394 (2005) 131-137.
J. KNUDSEN, P. B. FRIEHLING and N. BONANOS, Effect of A-site stoichiometry on phase stability and electrical conductivity of the perovskite Las(Ni0.59Fe0.41)O3−δ and its compatibility with (La0.85Sr0.15)0.91MnO3−δ and Zr0.85Y0.15O2.925, Solid State Ionics 176 [17-18] (2005) 1563-1569.
L. GRAHL-MADSEN, P.H. LARSEN, N. BONANOS, J. ENGELL and S. LINDEROTH, Conductivity and strength of Ni/YSZ porous anode supports prepared by viscous processing, Journal of Materials Science 41 (2006) 1097-1107.
B. DALSLET, P. BLENNOW, P.V. HENDRIKSEN, N. BONANOS, D. LYBYE and M. MOGENSEN, Assessment of doped ceria as electrolyte, J. Solid State Electrochem. 10 (2006) 547-561.
S.H. JENSEN, A. HAUCH, P.V. HENDRIKSEN, M. MOGENSEN, N. BONANOS and T. JACOBSEN, A method to separate process contributions in impedance spectra by variation of test conditions. J. Electrochem. Soc. 154 (2007) B1325-B1330.
G. GARCIA, M. BURRIEL, N. BONANOS and J. SANTISO, Electrical conductivity and oxygen exchange kinetics of La2NiO4+δ thin films grown by chemical vapor deposition, J. Electrochem. Soc. 155 (3), P28-P32 (2008).
S. RICOTE, G. CABOCHE, C. ESTOURNES, and N. BONANOS, Synthesis, sintering and electrical properties of BaCe0.9-xZrxY0.1O3-δ, Submitted to Journal of Nanomaterials.

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